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Save The Monkeys: Update 4


Major Chapter 1 Fixes

Some fixes include map fixes, door fixes and key fixes. Enjoy!


Introducing Leaderboards! Only 2 are out right now! Two more are coming out next weekend!

Monkey Villa Final Finishes

At last the monkeys have a place to go on vacation. Go check out the final finished in the villa which include the new SHOP!

PVP Countdown

Introducing a new mode coming to Save The Monkeys called PVP or Player Vs. Player. This mode is coming out soon! If you want to see the countdown head into that world!

User Interface Revamp

Finally the long awaited User Interface revamp. This revamp includes circle icons, a new leaderboard and best of all a new background!

Major Locker Fixes

Lastly, the Locker has finally been fixed! The fix includes your items not being bugged out.

Minor Fixes

Cutscene Fixes

Performance Fixes

UI Fixes

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