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Save The Monkeys: Update 5


Swords Token Currency

Introducing Sword Tokens. Along with Banana Tokens comes Swords. Swords is a new currency that you can use in future updates!

Swords Token Collecting

Ha Ha Ha Ha.... You thought I was going to show you where the Tokens are. Well you thought wrong! GO LOOK FOR THEM NOW! Happy Hunting!


Welcoming SKILLS! Skills are a new way to get an advantage against the bot or player. ENJOY it while you can!

2 New Leaderboards

2 NEW LEADERBOARDS? What, NO WAY! Happy Grinding!

Skill Point Collection

Every skill uses one point to upgrade. Now you can get skill points from level up in levels! Happy leveling!

Minor Fixes

Banana Token Fixes

Banana Token Logo Fixes

Token Buying Fixes

Other Patches

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