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  • Save The Monkeys: Update 5

    Featuring Swords Token Currency Introducing Sword Tokens. Along with Banana Tokens comes Swords. Swords is a new currency that you can use in future updates! Swords Token Collecting Ha Ha Ha Ha.... You thought I was going to show you where the Tokens are. Well you thought wrong! GO LOOK FOR THEM NOW! Happy Hunting! Skills Welcoming SKILLS! Skills are a new way to get an advantage against the bot or player. ENJOY it while you can! 2 New Leaderboards 2 NEW LEADERBOARDS? What, NO WAY! Happy Grinding! Skill Point Collection Every skill uses one point to upgrade. Now you can get skill points from level up in levels! Happy leveling! Minor Fixes Banana Token Fixes Banana Token Logo Fixes Token Buying Fixes Other Patches

  • Save The Monkeys: Update 4

    Featuring Major Chapter 1 Fixes Some fixes include map fixes, door fixes and key fixes. Enjoy! Leaderboards Introducing Leaderboards! Only 2 are out right now! Two more are coming out next weekend! Monkey Villa Final Finishes At last the monkeys have a place to go on vacation. Go check out the final finished in the villa which include the new SHOP! PVP Countdown Introducing a new mode coming to Save The Monkeys called PVP or Player Vs. Player. This mode is coming out soon! If you want to see the countdown head into that world! User Interface Revamp Finally the long awaited User Interface revamp. This revamp includes circle icons, a new leaderboard and best of all a new background! Major Locker Fixes Lastly, the Locker has finally been fixed! The fix includes your items not being bugged out. Minor Fixes Cutscene Fixes Performance Fixes UI Fixes

  • Save The Monkeys: Update 3

    Featuring Badges This new section includes all the badges that you can get by playing the game! Passes Passes are some ways to help you advance in the game using Robux. Go buy them up to help fund the game! Events Introducing Events! Events happen at every major day! Stay tuned for some upcoming events! Menu User Interfaces The Menu User Interface is the place to be! It includes multiple sections like Events, Passes and Badges. More Sections COMING SOON! Minor Fixes Locker Patches Locker Performance Fixes Locker UI Fixes Minor Bug Patches UI Fixes

  • Save The Monkeys: Update 2

    Feauturing Locker Introducing Locker... The Locker allows you to see any items you own. Which includes skins, traps and weapons(COMING SOON). Traps Traps are a way to counter the walk speed of players. Traps can trap players for a certain period of time. Enjoy! News This new section allows you to see anything new that comes into the game like updates. Minor Fixes UI Patches Minor Bug Fixes

  • Save The Monkeys: Update 1

    Featuring Chapter 1 Welcoming The Cabin into the game. Play this new chapter by clicking Main Game in the Worlds Menu. Monkey World Monkey World is a great world that has multiple places to go like the Monkey Villa. Play this new world by clicking Monkey Villa in the Worlds Menu Cutscenes Chapter 1 has new cutscenes which add storyline to the game! Skins The Chapter 1 skins have now released! Other Fixes Minor Bug Fixes Performance Fixes Minor User Interface Fixes

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