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Cloudform: About Video

About Us

Think Bigger.

We at Cloudform are working towards the best version of our company and with that we need your help to guide us through this path. Below you can see the backstory behind our company. Enjoy!

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Our Story

It all started on September 28th, 2021 when Cloudform was founded. We first created the Games Division which has now been rebranded to Cloud Gaming. We currently have 2 Roblox Development Teams working on 2 seperate projects under the Cloud Gaming umbrella. One Roblox development team is called Roblox Monkey Devs and the other is called Innovate Studios. We also have a third development team but it is only in the works. After we got to work on the Cloud Gaming division we created the Cloud Tech Division. We have a lot more to come and cannot wait for you guys to lean more so stay tuned for more updates!

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Made by Cloudform

Cloud Gaming

Cloudform's first divison is Cloud Gaming and was founded when the company was founded. Cloud Gaming is working towards making great games and currently has two development teams. The first Roblox development team we have is Roblox Monkey Devs. The Roblox Monkey Devs team is currently working on one game on Roblox but has plans for many more. The game the Roblox Monkey Devs team is working on is Save The Monkeys which has updated 5 times and are working towards 20 updates. The second Roblox development team is Innovate Studios. The Innovate Studios team is also currently working on one game by the name of Innovation City. Innovation City will be releasing soon so stay tuned for when it releases. Cloud Gaming has much more to come so make sure to subscribe to our email list for updates.

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Cloud Tech

After the Cloud Gaming was founded we had an idea. It was very ambitious but we always stand by our slogan Think Bigger. Cloud Tech has been in the works as we make prototypes and work on some upcoming products. But you can expect some technology in the future. If you would like updates straight from us and maybe some leaks subscribe for email updates. We cannot wait for you to see what is coming and remember always to Think Bigger.

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Meet The Executive Team

To Join our team apply here!

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